Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sell it off lar..

I've seen a lot of people buying new cars but they do not want to trade in their old cars. Maybe there are a lot of memories which they like to keep but if you are keeping the car and you are not going to drive it anymore, it's really a total waste.

FL's neighbor at his hometown, recently bought a new car. Since his old car doesn't have much value, he decided not to sell it. There's no place for him to park his old car at his car porch (sure new car park inside mar..), so he parked his old car outside, beside the road. He never drive his old car ever since he bought the new car, so basically his old car just leave it there, covered by grass.

I feel it's really a total waste, if you sell off the car, you probably can get back some money, (maybe not a lot), and the car will be used by some other people. Now the old car doesn't looked like a car anymore, it's like a piece of useless junk, parked beside the road...

~sigh, if really 'hmm seh dak' your old car.. then don't buy new car lor...

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