Monday, July 28, 2008

Toyota or Honda?

If you asked me which one I prefer, Toyota Vios or Honda City? I will say I prefer Honda City. Why? It looks nicer, sportier, spacious and etc. A lot of my friends have the same opinion but surprisingly, when they really go buy car, they choose Toyota Vios instead!!

Why? I thought they like Honda better? Well, according to them, Honda really looks better in terms of design, external, interior..but then Toyota cars more long lasting. Wow, i really didn't know that!!

Toyota cars more long lasting meh?? What you think?


Anonymous said... of course. honda more power, but if to choose between vios or city, neither one of them. the 2006 models not that nice for city but the late 2007 model is ok after a little shape changed. vios is totally out.

but generally, honda gives your more power but toyota gives you higher second hand value. toyota also has a more quiet engine compared to honda's.

Sean said...

I will prefer Toyota too~ Because I think Toyota is more branded~

Dora said...

I prefer Toyota Vios than Honda City. Yeah Toyota cars are well-known for their economy maintenance. If you ask me to choose between new Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, there'll be a bit headache coz both r equally nice & ellegant!

Joyce said...

ya ya, i prefer honda too!! i heard my friend said honda going to launch the new honda city end of this year that looks like BMW 3 series.. we shall wait and see!!

toyota more branded meh? hehe honda also branded mar..

hmm if compare honda accord and toyota camry, then i think i prefer camry lar, more classy.. hehe..

yuen said...

i like honda city, driving one lo petrol a lot and got power can zoom zoom zoom!! (^______^)

Joyce said...

ya ya, i also prefer honda.. hehe.. more stylish mar.. more suitable for young ppl! :p