Monday, July 21, 2008

You said plants got no feeling?

I bought 3 'bou bou gou seng' plant last cny, after a few months, one of it grew a lot of branches with leaves. It's very messy so i decided to cut it off some of the branches. But after i chopped off the branches, the plant started to die.. I got 3 back then, so after 1 died, left 2.

One day, when I shopped at Ikea, I saw this 'bou bou gou seng' plant. Since I left 2 now, i decided to buy another 3 to add in. The minute I add in the new plants, the old ones (both of them) started to die slowly.. They can't seems to accept their new friends!!

So all I left was the 3 new 'bou bou gou seng' plant.. everything went fine until few days ago. I saw a yellow leaf on one of it, so i pluck the leaf and guess what!! The plant started to turn yellow! It's dying!! OMG, i'm just plucking off those yellow leaves, like that also cannot??? And it's not over, now the second one also started to turn yellow as well!!!

Wow, they can't allow ppl to touch their branches, their leaves and they can't accept new friends. You said plants got no feeling?


Anonymous said...

yah yah..last time...i got one cactus. i always take care it, sayang it...then one day i bought about 4 more with flowers one. then this day...lembik alrdy, press it all soft soft and water come out...aih...throw liao that cactus

Joyce said...

Yalar, they feel like they are being neglected, so might as well die lor..

so be careful when you buy new plants, don't ever placed it beside your old plants!!

BaLQiz said...

In a week, i think i water my plants like twice or trice hehehhehe but so far, all grows robustly! weird... i think middle of the nite it crawls to my kitchen and snack on my food...

cbenc12 said...

try to cut off the yellow leaves instead of plucking it?
i dunno.. hai.. plants are as complicated as human too..