Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to buy things worth RM 357.70 with just paying RM 77.70!!

I wanted to buy the Braun toothbrush long long time ago but I always feel that RM 200++ for a toothbrush (ya, although it's automatic) is kind of expensive! Finally, I managed to come up with a brilliant idea where I can get the toothbrush without paying for it. hehe, yes, without paying, don't worry, i'm not going to steal it!!

So how am I going to get it without paying it? First, I used my Bonuslink points to redeem the Parkson vouchers, so with the points I have, i'm entitled for RM 110 Parkson voucher, cool! Then, I found out that I can also redeem Parkson vouchers with Maybank treatpoints (points collected from Maybank credit card), and with the points i have, I can get Rm 150 Parkson vouchers. Woo-hoo.. oh ya, both bonuslink and maybank treatpoints can redeem on the spot at the Parkson customer service counter.

With Bonuslink, I redeem 1 Rm 50 parkson voucher and 6 RM 10 parkson voucher (approx 10K points) and with Maybank credit card, I got myself 3 RM 50 Parkson vouchers (approx 24K points). A total of RM 260 cash vouchers!! Let's go shopping!! yay!!

The Braun Professional Care
RM 249 for non member and RM 224 for members.

besides the toothbrush, i also bought
the iron cleaner, RM 25.90,
a door mat, RM 12.90,
and a cd holder, RM 15.90.

Of cos, Rm 260 cash vouchers is not enough for all these, so i need to pay another RM 18.7 lor... and no, i'm still not done with my shopping yet.. why? Apparently, Parkson is having their member sales day and if you purchase Rm 120, you are entitled to get a RM 10 voucher. My total bill is RM 278.7 which means i'm entitled to get Rm 20 cash voucher. Cool!! So i ended up getting myself a...

Philips toaster, RM 79
with the RM 20 cash voucher, i need to pay
RM 59 for this!!

So this is how i bought things worth RM 357.70 with just paying Rm 77.70. Did i mention I managed to collect another 1000 points for Bonuslink, ya, Parkson is giving away 3x points on their member day. what a great shopping experience, don't you think so?


Sean said...

HAHA~~ Just now I checked my Bonuslink point and I have 12k points, I can redeem RM120 vouchers. My citibank got 36k points also get RM15o voucher... keke...
But I am still lazy to redeem it yet... Still thinking what to buy with the vouchers.

Anonymous said...

12000 points to redeem RM120
36000 points to redeem RM150

The point's worth is so low, not even RM0.01