Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A lift in a double storey house.

I went back to my hometown last weekend. When I was there, my aunt told me my neighbor is going to install a lift in her house. A lift? In a double storey house? For what? Apparently her father is very sick and does not have the energy to climb up stairs to his room and the father doens't want to sleep downstairs. All his son and daughters are doing quite well, having their own business and etc so they decided to get him a lift so that he will not need to climb the stairs.

Wow, a lift in double storey, this is really the first time I heard ppl installing a lift in a double storey. (3 storey one i heard before lar..) How much does it costs to have a lift in a double storey house? RM 80K!! ya ya, and i heard it will be a transparent one, must be nice i guess. (see lar, if i got chance to go see the lift when it's done, i'll take some pic to show u guys. hehe..)

Lazy to climb up the stairs? Install a lift in your house lar!

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