Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stock up maggie mee, biscuits and milo!!

Heard from the news this morning that the price for maggie mee is going up next month, about 8 to 10%!! Not only that, biscuits also going to increase price, not sure how much but i guess should be about that percentage as well. As for milo, most probably beginning of june will increase price.

I'm not really a maggie mee lover. How much is a pack of maggie mee now? approx 60 cents per packet? If the price of maggie mee going to increase, which means all the maggie goreng, maggie soup, indo mee at mamak also will increase also lar. ~sigh.. So if you can't sleep without having maggie mee for supper, better stock up now! You only have 2 days to stock up as 1st of may the price will increase!!

As for milo, I remember last time only about RM5+ per tin (the medium tin) but now, almost RM10 per tin rite? Why are you still sitting here? Go go go , go stock up now!!

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Zooropa said...

Yeah hate it! Prices for all consumer items always up up up! High5 wholemeal bread is RM3.00 now.