Friday, April 25, 2008

After a year the system go live ..

This morning, one of our customer yelled at my colleague said why this and this thing happened to the system. When my colleague looked at the so called problem, she found that it is not a problem at all, it's how the system runs. The system already live for one year plus and now they only start noticing this is how it works? The user claimed that LAST TIME is not like that. My colleague then showed to her all the previous records from the system, to prove to her that all the while is like that.

After seeing it, the user 'fat lan za' and said she wanna go back to her pc to check again. Come on lar, ur pc or other pc, all pointing to the same server same database, checking here and checking at your own place doesn't make any difference! Kesian lar my colleague, kena yelled for nothing.

I had the same problem with this same user before. She claimed our system got bug, we tested at our side no problem. She asked us to go over and try it at her place. Fine. We use her computer, test and test and test, and still no problem. Then she said, it only happened at 3pm!!! ya right.. got ghost meh.. crazy... But then again, the customer is always correct, so what can we say? As a conclusion, it's all user problem!! *&^#*&$^#@*$*&^#*#$*&^*&#@^$*#@^$^

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U.Lee said...

Hi Joyce, couldn't help laughing at what you posted.
I guess there's lots of such hilarious experiences for people in your line of work.
The customer is always right? They sure can be a real pain, sometimes.
But what to customers, no business. No business chiak moi, ha ha.
You stay easy Joyce and have a beautiful Sunday, best regards, Lee.