Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally!!! Terminated!!!

I called the MBF customer service last Thursday to ask them how to terminate my mbf credit card. I was very happy when they told me I can actually terminate it through phone (really save me a lot of time lar..), just that I need to call within office hour. So i left my contact number and request them to call me back.

I waited for their call on last Friday, but nobody called. Saturday also nobody called.. and today is Monday, still no calls from them!! Aiseh, I said i want to terminate that is why they don't want to call me? I decided to call them again during lunch (ya, i'm quite gan cheong, when i want to terminate i want it to be terminated IMMEDIATELY. haha..). The customer service transfer my call to the person in charge but nobody picked up the phone cos all of them went out for lunch. Again, I left my contact number to them and ask them MUST call me back and FINALLY just now at about 3pm, they called me.

First thing first, they asked me how come I want to terminate my card, i said i seldom use, i don't want to keep the card. then they said last September they just waived the annual fees for me (can you belief ar, RM160 for a normal card, not even a gold card leh, damn expensive!!) and asked me to keep my card until this September. I said no i don't want to SEE the card anymore. hehe.. so after a few times of NO NO and NO, she decided to give up and terminate my card. wuahahahahahaa..

YAY!!!! Finally.. one card gone!! YAY!!!! :p

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