Monday, April 28, 2008

Have you submitted your tax?

Normally when we meet ppl, ppl will asked, makan already? But recently, when u see ppl, you probably will ask, have you submitted your tax?

Last friday, I heard this a few times in my office and guess what's the answer? Not yet, not yet, and not yet. haha, i think most of us like last minute one lar. not until last minute also nobody wants to submit. I got a friend finished entering all the information in the e-filing beginning of this month, but till now he also not yet submit. How come? Don't know, he just wanna wait, wait till the last minute. wuahahahaha, funny right?

Well well, I guess i'm not in the position to laugh at ppl, cos i'm also the same lar. :p I entered all the information last last weekend, and finally last friday only i submitted and then yesterday I paid using the e-bayaran (for those that paid with e-bayaran but not able to login to ur bank, use IE. I tried with Firefox but kept failed to login, then i switched to IE, only then I'm able to log myself in.).

It's really easier lar, with the e-filing and e-bayaran thing, else ar, i need to go queue up at the bank today lor. I believe this 3 days, the bank will have a lot of ppl lar. All last minute mar..

So, have you submitted your tax? Have you paid your tax?


Anonymous said...

Yeah i've just submitted mine. Own those gov. ppl. somemore. I really dun like the new "cent" policy, really rugi a lot even though 1 cent. imagine 1 million of the ppl have to pay xtra 1 cent to make it 5 cents or so...really stupid stupid thing!! damn gov take more money then.

Ciyou said...

I have submited last 2 weekends, and my bf already bising me at that time. I thought I was late, u all are more later.

The bad thing is if too late, the system will crush

Joyce said...

oh ya, the rounding issue thing. hmm what to do..they said round then we have to round lor..

Joyce said...

hi ciyou, hehe, me consider not late lor, i believed there are plenty that are later than me. hehe, these 2 days the system must be very busy.. hopefully will not crash la..