Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Petrol price not increasing.. ya right...

I bet you guys heard that the gov plan to introduce a new and cheaper 95 unleaded petrol to us. As for the 97 unleaded petrol (the one we're currently using, RM 1.92 per litre), might increased till RM 3!! Yes yes, RM 3!!

What's the difference between the 95 and 97 unleaded petrol? Well well, according to them, the 95 are less powerful but it is suitable for smaller cars (below 1300cc) like proton cars. As for expensive cars like benz, bmw and etc, preferably use 97.

I guess the reason they said smaller cars are suitable to use 95 is because smaller cars already 'mou lek', so if use the 95 also cannot see any difference. What i'm concerned is, is there any side effect other than mou lek? Will it be bad for our car? You know lar, if it's harmless, why don't they introduce this 95 to us earlier? Why need to wait till now?

Right now we still don't know how much per litre for this 95 but if the price is RM 1.92 and the 97 increased till RM 3, then we are actually paying the same price but for a lower quality petrol. and yet they claimed they are NOT increasing the petrol price and we ppl canot bising bising, cos if we bising, they will said they already introduce a cheaper petrol price for us, just that we dowan to use only..

So cunning hor.. ~sigh...I wanna go do some experiment, to try to modify my car to consume water instead of petrol... arggggg!!!!!


U.Lee said...

Hi Joyce, took a wrong turning somewhere landed your place here. Nice blog and love your sense of humour.
For us here in Canada....yes, this coming to you from Toronto, Canada...we too have three varieties.
But for most cars likeToyotas, Hondas etc no matter 1200 cc or 5700 cc we use the cheaper variety, called 'Regular 87.
If BMW or Mercedes, then graduate to a 92 or 97, but pay more.
Right now our gas for regular is $1.10 a litre (Rgt 3.65?)
My car is a Lincoln with a V8 engine at 4700cc, but boleh use regular gas. Full tank 75 litres!!!! It yum seng gas, ha ha.
But more and more people switching to public transport as our buses are very frequent and subways convenient.
Infact most office people leave their cars at home take bus.
Hey, even our Mayor sometimes take the bus, or MP's too.
But bicycles now winter is over can be seen all over, especially by the many Chinese immigrants.
You stay easy Joyce and have a nice day, best regards, UL.

Joyce said...

Hi UL, I wouldn't complaint that much if our public transportation are as good as your country. ~sigh..Perhaps we should move nearer to our office so that we can walk to work? :p