Sunday, April 13, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair ~ 11-13 Apr 2008

The very last pc fair we visited was on last year december, we went there to get the Panasonic Lumix FX 33 digital camera. This time, we decided to visit the PIKOM PC Fair to get ourselves a dvd writer. Now only buy dvd writer? hehe yalor.. :p We reached there at about 6pm on Sunday. Hopefully can get something cheap on the last day of the pc fair.

There was quite a lot of ppl, not say very very packed lar, but still a lot of ppl. There are altogether 5 halls. Hall 1 mostly notebooks, Hall 2 are all audios/speakers, Hall 3, 4 and 5, you can get all kinds of things here. That is why these 3 halls were very packed!!

We were there about 1 and a half hour, saw a lot of new things (really outdated lar, everything also seems so new. hehe..) and within that 1 and a half hour.. we bought these..

LG dvd writer ~RM 86, Earphone ~ RM 22, 4G pen drive ~ RM 48, 20 pcs dvd-r ~ RM 15 and 2 pcs of cdrw ~ RM8 (for my car cd player). Cin cin cai cai.. RM 179 gone.. hehe.

Did you go? What have you bought?


Anonymous said...

Hmm..well you don't really need to go to PC Fair to buy products you want. I head myself to Lowyat Plaza instead. Most of the shops there will give PC Fair price anyways.

I normally don't buy at PC Fair because it is not exactly cheap + if you managed to find a cheap one, you won't know what shop to claim warranty if anything happens to your product.

You sometimes find the shop you've bought from, comes from Penang or somewhere else. So...generally, PC Fair is well...not a big thing.

vickie said...

i didn't go pc fair liow. I don't have any things to buy. not cheap items can get at pc fair except laptop i think

Joyce said...

hmm, sometimes can really can good deal lar, especially when you go on the last day.. like last time, i got a very good deal when I bought my notebook there.

Another thing about pc fair is you can see all sorts of things lor.. at one place and easier to compare prices..

Long long time go once quite ok lar, hehe, i also scared lar, cos super packed and jam!!