Monday, April 21, 2008

When you are working in KLCC...

There are pros and cons working in KLCC. Let me talk about the cons first. Ok, let's see, I think the first thing that come across your mind will be, traffic jam right? The traffic had always been an issue if you are working in KL and if you drives to work. Of cos you can also opt to go to work by taking public transportation such as the LRT. Well, if only your house is near the lrt station, then you can squeeze with the rest of the working ppl and together you pray the lrt not to break down while taking you guys to work. Then we have road closure when there are some special occasions, dono what meeting lar, dono who come lar, then you got to find other ways to go to work or go back to your house. What else? The cons? Erm, food are expensive, parking are expensive, everything is expensive. That is why ppl said if you work in KL, you should request higher salary.

So what about the pros? You get to shop first during sales, buy cheap and good stuff, you get to work in nice environment. Oh ya, don't forget, you get to see all the happening stuff such as today's Olympic run. A friend of mine who are working in KLCC told me the comp let them go down to watch the run. How nice!!

Does that means I wish to work in KLCC? The answer is No, No, and No. Why? Well, very clearly i stated more cons than pros right? hehe..


Ciyou said...

Its good to work at KLCC becoz its near to my house. 15 minute lrt will do.

I also withness the olympic run at my office. I waited too long on the road side and it start rain, but I manage to see it at my office. Cool~

Huei said...

i wouldn't work in klcc either..eventhough i live near the lrt..have u been in one during peak hours? can die! everytime i went klcc via lrt i had to suffocate! heheh

eh wait..sales can be a con too...u're the first to get to sales..but...means u'll be using MORE money..n u need an even HIGHER salary! =P

weijin said...

KLCC...jam jam jam
KLCC...high class place, pay like peanuts
KLCC...parking problem, expensive!!