Monday, April 21, 2008

What?? I need to pay that much????!!!!

I've been wanted to submit my income tax since beginning of the month but I drag drag drag until this weekend only do it. Biasa la, right? hehe.. When I finally finished entering all the information, I was so shocked to see that I still need to pay THAT much!!

Well, I do not understand how come we paid tax every month but when comes to submitting tax we still need to pay extra. Oh ya, and another thing is, the way my company calculate the tax and salary on the ea form is a bit different that others (different from FL comps, different from all my previous 5 ex comps). I actually noticed this when I joined the comp 3 yrs ago but I was kind of surprised how come my other colleagues never voice out about this. (maybe they did voice out but since this salary + bonus thing is P&C, that's y nobody talked about it?)

Anyway, how my comp calculate? Ok, first they will calculate all your 2007 salary and they will include ur 2008 bonus (we get our bonus on feb so it appeared on the feb payslip). What about the tax? As for tax, they will only calculate all 2007 tax. You see what i see? meaning to say, the tax you paid is not tally with ur salary plus bonus. Of cos lar, bonus take 2008 one, but tax take last year one..

I did ask the accounts on my first year about this but according to her this is the way this company prepare EA form, so i guess i cannot do anything about it. ~sigh.. i don't mind how they calculate, what i mind is the money i need to pay. In actual fact I already paid the tax, but due to the calculation like this, I will need to pay extra for this year. Can i just assumed I already paid and pay the remaining amount? Erm, according to FL we have to follow everything according to our EA form. Well it's true lar, that is why they prepare the EA form mar right?

I guess next month will be a super PK month for me.. oh god.. help me pls, pls drop me a bag of money..preferably all in RM 500 notes!!!


U.Lee said...

Hi Joyce, saw your callsign at Jasmine's and dropped by.
Ahhh, income tax time in Malaysia? We finished ours last month and got our refunds...Its very fast here, within a week of sending in, if any refunds, you get it within a week, latest two weeks. If late the government pays interest.
Hope your prayers get answered, Joyce.
You stay easy and have a nice day, UL.

Joyce said...

hi u.lee, thanks for dropping by.
wow, within a week can settle everything, that's very efficient!

As for here, well, they claimed they will refund and some of my friends did get back their extra money, but i never received anything from them.

What i did is to call them up, asked them my balance and use it to deduct my last year tax.

keeyit said...

I did it last month through internet.. easy and fast..