Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How come I don't have such luck????

From my aunt:
A: u know ur cousin ar, his comp transfer him to US, give him USD 9K per month leh..
J: WAH!!!!! (FYI, he's only 2 yrs older than me..doing IT also, but seriously i don't know what's he's really doing..)
From friend A:
A: u know, so and so got increment, RM700 lar..
J: WAH!!!!!! (I never had RM700 increment before ler!!!)
From friend B:
B: today got payslip, suddenly saw extra money leh, company secretly give us bonus!!!
J: WAH!!!!!! (how come my comp never give surprises?)
From friend C:
C: so and so just got his performance bonus lar, then next month will get bonus..
J: WAH!!! (what is performance bonus? i nv had performance bonus b4!!!!!!)

I got nothing to say.. except WAH.....WAH... and WAH!!!!!


keeyit said...

dun wah la.. I am same luck as you lol... work hard la..

Anonymous said...

yalar..ur not the only one...i work 9pm-6pm but extended to 10pm - 11pm and then saturday and sunday, but get nothing. more ppl leaving but get no more money..but more WORK! and the worst part is cleaning their sh1t!

Joyce said...

sometimes hor, work hard also won't get all these ler.. this is the most sad part!!

totally agree with you lar, work like a dog, cleaning up ppl's shit but in the end what u get?

wuahahahah come let's start our own business.. :p