Friday, April 18, 2008

A good dentist and a super RUDE nurse

I started to visit this dentist about 5 yrs ago @ ss2. I remembered that time I'm having tooth ache, so i just simply find one clinic and walked in. The minute I walked in, the nurse asked whether I got made any appointment or not. I said no, this is my first visit mar, i didn't know have to make appointment. The nurse scolded me for not making appointment but since the dentist is free, she let me in.

This dentist is so far the best dentist I've ever visited. She's very careful and gentle. I really didn't need to suffer a lot, she will try her very best not to make you suffer. Anyway, I had a very good impression with the dentist, but the nurse.. ~sigh.. Since then I always visit this dentist if i needed to do scaling lar, filling lar and etc.

I've stopped visiting the dentist after I moved to puchong few years ago. I went to another dentist but I still feel she's the best. So when I moved out from Puchong, I decided to pay this dentist a visit again. So i called the clinic to make appointment for next saturday. I called yesterday when I was out for lunch. It was quite noisy and the nurse talked so soft. Here's our conversation:
J: Hello? (someone picked up the phone without talking...)
N: ya... (nv said this is so and so clinic and nv greet the caller. very rude..)
J: Is this clinic so and so? (better asked, so long nv go liao, dono this clinic still exists or not..)
N: ya.
J: I'll like to make an appointment to see the dentist next Saturday. What time is available?
J: Sorry.. I can't hear you..
N: .....
J: har?
N: 7pm
J: Har, 7pm?
N: NO LAR!!! 11am!!! (she's shouting already..)
J: ok then, 11am next Saturday.
N: name?
J: J... You need my reg no?
N: yes..
J: 1234
N: ...
J: Hello?
N: ....
J: Sorry, can I confirmed the time again? Next Saturday 11am?
N: ....
J: Hello? Hello?
N: (tuuuuuuuu.....)
She just put down the phone like that? Oh my god, i really want to vote her as the most RUDE punya nurse lar. Never see such rude ppl before... I really cannot hear what she's saying. I decided to call again to confirm my appointment as I'm afraid she thought I wanted to book for this Saturday. I called again just now in office..
N: hello J: (how come is this nurse again.. arggggg!!!!!) Hi, is this clinic so and so? N: ya. J: I called yesterday to make an appointment for next Saturday. My line was very bad so i counldn't hear clearly. Can i double confirmed again my appointment? N: we will call a day before the appointment one... J: erm.. can't you just check for me? N: wait for us to call. (tu......)
OMG, see? she just cut off the line again. arggg.. so geram lar. I think if the dentist fire this nurse, she probably opened a few more branches already!!


keeyit said...

I need to look for dentist too to take out my wisdom tooth too

Joyce said...

You wanna try this dentist? She's very gentle, very skillful, just that you need to tolerate the rude nurse lar. hehe..

If you need the number i can email to you. let me know.

Anonymous said...

filipino nurses are very rude...go to one of private hospital and see how they behave with patients....

biyi said...

i want c this dentist, send me the number,please. email:

Anonymous said...

i would like to try this dentist, can you send me the dentist name, address and phone to my email?

b3yours3lf (at) yahoo dot com