Thursday, April 3, 2008

You still remember.. mIRC?

Anyone of you still logs in to mIRC? I used to like mIRC a lot, long long time ago, when I was still in college. I remembered when my friend first intro this MIRC to me, I still don't have Internet connection at home. So when I'm free, I will go to the college's lab to use the Internet connection as well as loged in to mIRC (not sure why they nv block this thing, maybe the lab assistant also addicted? hehe..)

Anyway, it was quite fun chatting thru mIRC and you can really meet lot's of lot's of funny ppl. The first question ppl will normally asked would be, what's ur a/s/l/, which stands for age, sex and location. So there's one time, when i said i'm at my college's lab, this person that i'm chatting with also said he's in the lab. Yes, the same lab!! Haha, that's exciting. So of cos the next question would be, where are you sitting? I was at the back but I said I was in front, wearing some other color clothes. So immediately, I saw that person standing up and try to look for me. Well well, of cos, he's not able to find me, as i'm at the back mar!! haha...

mIRC is a good tool for us to pass our free time, talk nonsense to someone that you don't know but it is not advisable for us to go tell them too much about ourselves, where we stay and etc. Oh ya, why I can type so fast now? Well well, mIRC plays an important role lar. wuahahahahah...

What about you? Got any nice story to share on mIRC? Say maybe you met your husband/wife there?

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Ciyou said...

oh~~ those are the days of mirc.

Now every is just in MSN, Yahoo messager or Skype only.