Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good luck or bad luck?

I told two friends about the incident happened to me yesterday, two friends gave me two different kind of reaction. Let me tell you what happened first..

I left the office about 8pm yesterday. FL and me reached home about the same time and together, we went to the nearest mamak to have our dinner. There was no place to sit inside, the sky looks clear, so we decided to sit outside. We ordered our food and drinks and while i'm half way eating, i found that it seems like it's going to rain..soon. FL kept asking me to eat faster and faster, come on lar, how to eat fast? There's no place to sit inside so we cant really moved in. So i swallow my food like a SNAKE and when i'm 3/4 done with my food, it started to rain. ~sigh, forget it lar, i dowan to swallow anymore. Finished our drink and we headed back home.

Reached home, rest a while, wanted to take bath and guess what? NO WATER!!! WHAT?? There's no announcement on this, what happened? Luckily, 15 minutes later, there's water, small but at least i can go take my bath.

First friend said, wow, bad luck ya.. Second friend said, you still got luck mar, at least still got water. hehe.. see, same story, 2 different reactions. You say leh? I'm having good luck or bad luck?

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Cherry said...

Well, what about 'neutral luck'? lols~