Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Burn you a mistress!

When I thought burning a petrol station to our ancestors is the newest/popular "thing" for this year, there comes another "thing". What is it? Want to guess? Give you 3 chance, but seriously, I think you won't be able to guess also lar. hehe..

According to what I heard this morning from the radio, the most popular or the most "hit" thing that people in China burn is.. tah dah.. a MISTRESS ("yi lai")!! Yes, dun play play. When a woman's husband is dead and they are still alive, they scared their husband will be very boring down there, so these women burned their husbands a mistress. Hmm, what happened if one day they died ar? then they have to rebut their husband with the mistress? By the time probably their husband likes the mistress more than them already.

Funny right, mistress also they can think of. Besides the mistress, there's also those 'siu cheh'. Nor, those night clubs 'siu cheh' leh, those also got lar!! I really 'pui fuk' these business man lar, they can think of all sorts of thing so that they can earn more money. This year got petrol station, got mistress, got siu cheh, what about next year? hmm..perhaps a bomb? or a gun? so that they can protect themselves against enemies!


CS said...

haha.. very funny... may be can burn aeroplane gua?... i mean next yr... :P or sub-marine

Joyce said...

aeroplane this year already got ler. no need to wait till next year. hehe..