Friday, April 11, 2008

Kenapa malam tak datang?

Yesterday me and my colleague had our lunch at a mamak near our office. When we're done, we walked to the cashier there to pay. So when it's my turn to pay, the boss asked me..
B: Kenapa malam tak datang?
J: Har??? (what is he saying? malam tak datang?)
B: (he looked at me and smile) ya malam..
J: err.. balik rumah... (at night sure i go back home makan lar, still want to eat at ur mamak meh?)
(we both end up with a lot of question marks above our heads, i bet he don't know wat i'm saying and i also dun understand what he's trying to ask me..)
So when my colleague finished paying, he laughed at me and told me, J ar.. just now the boss asked u.."Kenapa LAMA tak datang..", u answer balik rumah???

OMG.. feel so pai seh.. malu malu... :p


Dora said...

Sometimes it's difficult to hear what the mamak said, nothing to "pai seh" lah!!!

kljs said...

That's why I only smile if they ever ask me anything that I am unable to hear what they are saying....

Forever28 said...

HAHA... this is funny~
Perhaps the environment is too noisy?