Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Yes, google hates 3Ps!!!

My friend, A likes to blog. He blog much more earlier than me (3-4 yrs ago). He blogs about the things he do, the ppl he met and etc and his blog got a PR2. When most of us lost our PR, he still got 2 as his blog doesn't have any paid posts.

After he started to read my blog, being influenced by me on how the blog thing can make him money, he decided to try it out. His blog was approved by 3Ps few months ago but he only started to write his very first 3Ps post (yes, the I love 3Ps post which worth $20) few days ago. When he's done with the post, he asked me to go check it out.

And guess what I found besides the I love 3Ps post? His page rank is gone!! From 2 becomes 0!! Just a few days after he posted that 3Ps thing (only ONE paid post in his entire blog), he lost his page rank!!! WOW!!!

So yes, google hates 3Ps...oh ya, in case you wonder how come i did not post the link to his blog, erm, the owner forbids me to post it. :p


Ciyou said...

I also kena, from PR2 to PR0.

Not sure why

Joyce said...

really ar? hmm, u recently just wrote 3Ps also right? maybe that's the reason!!

Ciyou said...

ya, recently write lo~~

Sigh~ when it change to pr0, the 3p got lesser opportunity :(