Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finished RM 27 mil in 50 days?

How long do you think you need in order to finish RM 27 mil? Wait a minute, do you know RM 27 mil is how much or not? How many zeros in 1 million? There are 6 zeros in 1 million, therefore RM 27 mil is equivalent to RM 27,000,000. errr... correct or not? hehe, so, how long do you think you need to finish this amount? Can you finish this in 50 days which means, RM 27,000,000/50 = RM 540 000 per day??

Heard from the radio that 54 BN assemblymen in the previous state administration finished their combined annual allocation of RM 27 mil for 2008 in the first 50 days. Shocking right? RM 27 mil for the whole year but they finished in 50 days!! Can you imagine, it's like you get your whole year salary in advance and spent it in less than 2 months time!!!

Where did the money go? Got see any BIG developments that need that much money or not? I think we all know where the money go lar..now you see, now you don't!!!

hmm, interesting!! Let's wait and see what kind of explanation(excuses) these ppl give on how they spent RM 27 mil in 50 days. For more info, click here.

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