Saturday, March 8, 2008

BAD BAD BAD BAD after sales service!!

Before you buy, you are the king, everything also yes yes yes, can can can. After you buy, you are useless, ignore ur call, ignore ur sms, didn't even plan to carry out the things that they promise to you.

All these sounds familiar? I'm really very angry with sales ppl that got this kind of attitude. How are they gonna make more money if they treat their customer like that? Ok, let me tell u my experience, which till now I still NOT YET get the gift that they PROMISED to give me.

2 weeks before cny (end of January), me and FL were at this Jusco, Kepong and we bumped into these bunch of sales ppl promoting Diamond water. This guy, F, explained to us, tried to persuade us to buy. Yes, of cos, his attitude is very good lar... Actually even before he explained I already intend to buy, but due to the price I need to think think a bit lar. So after he finished his talk, I told him we need to consider, so this guy go asked his supervisor, a lady to come talk to us. This lady, J, try to persuade us by giving us some free gifts (filters). I told her I still need to consider. Then J intro me to her superior, S, the lady that in charge the whole team. So this S, very very good in persuading ppl, after she talk talk talk and she promised to gave us another gift, which is another more expensive filter, filter A (RM 100+).

Then FL decided to buy since we already intend to buy long long time ago and there's also installment plan. So happily we bought the filter and few days later, some guy came installed for us together with the free gifts (except the RM 100+ filter A). So we asked the guy that do the installation where's the filter, he said this filter will be sent by the sales person to us. Ok lor, since he said that, so we wait lar.

We wait wait wait but got no call from them. Then after CNY, we tried to call the number printed on the receipt. Some lady answer the phone, we told her our problem and she said will passed the message to the sales person. So again, we wait and wait and wait and wait again, and still no news no phone calls from them!!

After waiting for so long, beginning of March I called again. This time another lady answered the phone, I told her my problems and I asked her to ask the sales person to call me. Finally the sales person, F called me. He said the filter should be delivered by the installation guy. (installation guy said him, he said the installation guy, what the hell!!) He said he will checked for me and get back to me.

OK lar, so i WAIT again lor. After one week, still no news. I decided to call him and asked him again. You know what he told me? Oo, ur filter is actually handle by another sales person, S one, so I give you her number and you call her lar!!

Come on lar, can't you just tell ur colleague to call me. What kind of after sales service is this????????????? Promises to them is like NOTHING? Before buy one kind, after buy another kind. Scary lar these ppl..Want me to intro more business to them? ya ya, WAIT lar!! I some more must tell me friends NOT TO buy from them ler!!!


Tak Feng & Li Li said...

That is a very irresponsible way of treating the customer. I guess we shall share the words of mouth power!

cbenc12 said...

like de election la.. before election, semua dia promise.. after that.. semua dia tak layan..
but now opposition wins 5 states..lets sit back n see if they gonna do something for us or not..