Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neway definitely A LOT better than Redbox!!

Remember I blog about Redbox vs Neway Karaoke, I never been to Neway but I always heard ppl said the buffet is nicer lar, the room is nicer lar, even the toilet also nicer than Redbox. Of cos, the PRICE also nicer la!! A friend of mine told me she went to Neway with her bf on a Saturday night and the bill = RM120!! Wow, that is very expensive!!

I was on leave on Monday (at first thought wanna rest at home but then decided to go sing K, hehe..) and decided to go Neway. Weekday go Neway should be cheaper gua. Without booking, we headed to Neway at One Utama. Oh yes, weekday go sing K is definitely nicer, no need to book in advance, easy to find parking, and it's cheaper.

It's RM 18+ per person and we can sing for 4 hours!! Woo-hoo!! The room is nice, got LCD (redbox one still using those big big bulky tv), wireless mic (redbox is NOT wireless, wire all over the place!), a lot of new songs, easy to navigate menu.. Nice!! and guess what? Toilet also nicer ler!! wuahahaha and much cleaner!!

For weekday, RM 18+ per person, you can opt for 2 drinks or 1 drink + 1 tea set. Tidbits = RM 9 per plate, if go weekend they will force you to take the fruit plate which costs RM 20 per plate! wow!! Our total bill = RM 51.80. Really don't feel like going to Redbox after I've been to Neway. Yes it's cheaper, but the environment, service, food, all better!

Next time if weekday wanna go karaoke, go Neway lar, but if weekends... erm.. if you can afford.. then Neway, else Redbox lor.. :)

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