Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matta Fair 2008 @ PWTC

After almost whole day struggling to go or not to go to the Matta Fair, finally we decided to go, at what time? at 5pm. wuahahahahhha.. The rain was quite heavy at first, luckily it became smaller when we almost reached there.

we were stuck in this road for 15-20 minutes.
not able to move at all!
till now we don't know what caused the jam!!

The Matta Fair @ PWTC

entrance ticket, RM 3 per person
not a long queue at 5+pm

You need these to enter the hall.

We were very clear about our mission, so we skipped hall 1 and headed to hall 2. Look see look see, found the booth we are looking for! Cool!! However, we did not manage to book any hotels or didn't manage to get any cheap entrance ticket. But I did take a photo with Aaron Kwok, aaron who? Aaron Kwok lar, nor the one that sing the song 'dui ni ai ai ai bu wan!!'

of cos not the real person lar, you really think
i will bump into him at matta fair meh? hehe..

In less than 1 hour, we finished hall 2 and 3. We did not book or buy anything, except for the matta fair entrance ticket. So the RM 6 is to just take photo with Aaron Kwok? Of cos not lar.. see what i get...

see, i got lot's of brochures and map
for my coming trip on July.
oh ya, the two black bag is free one..
So did you go?


kljs said...

That figure of Aaron Kwok, I thought it was the real person!!

Sean said...

I went there and bought package to Bangkok~~ happy~~

Joyce said...

real ar? at first i also thought so but when i saw the brochure of the wax museum, leon lai even more real lar. this aaron kwok hair doesn't look very natural.

hey you were there too ar? ya ya, i saw a lot of bkk packages.. i took back lot's of thailand brochures too.. just in case i wanna go again.. :p