Monday, March 24, 2008

I want happy ending pls!!!

I was busy watching 4 different TVB dramas during the weekend. Ya, time to relax after a busy week at work mar. watched until no time to blog tim.. :p My friend asked me, you won't get confused meh, watched 4 different dramas at the same time, somemore some actors appeared in different dramas. Haha, yes, in fact, a bit confused also lar. One drama this 2 ppl are brothers and sister, the other drama this 2 ppl are lovers. wah seh!!!

Then there's this drama which i'm very geram with the story and the ending, first this Miss A got nose cancer, then Miss B got Aids, then Miss A nose cancer cured but found another tumor in the brain, then brain tumor gone then ANOTHER brain tumor found and at the end of the day, she died. ~sigh.. How come want to have this ending? Cannot have happy ending one meh?

Do you prefer happy ending or you prefer to see sad, crying ending?

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Hester said...

After i listen to you i decided not to watch that particular TBV drama, i don't want to waste my time ^_^