Thursday, March 13, 2008

Newspaper? Finished lo!!

For those of you that don't have newspaper delivered to your door step every morning, do you have problems in getting newspaper? Since 8 of March, our election day, that night onwards, newspapers are hard to buy. I heard a friend of mine that lives in Cheras said, he went out to get newspaper on that night and when he reached the place that sell newspaper, he saw a lot of ppl waiting there, wow, everyone is waiting for the motorcycle that carries the newspaper. When the motorcycle arrived, before the guy can move the newspaper on his motor cycle down to the floor, ppl already start rebut-ing.. damn scary lar..

The next day, which is 9 of March, my brother try to find newspaper as well. We went here went there, petrol stations, 7 elevens all dun have newspaper. At last we found a place that sells newspaper, that person very clever, he knows newspapers are very 'HOT' so he used his waja to go fetch these newspaper, the whole car is full of newspaper.. damn scary also...

Even till now, normally the newspaper guy will need to wait till 10 or 11pm before finished selling all the newspaper, but yesterday night.. 8pm+ already finished!!! WOW!!!

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