Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Notify when got new comments.

I love to surf around and read other ppl's blog, see what's going on with these bloggers or see if there are anything useful or not. When I saw some interesting post, I normally will give comments, and ticked on the notify when got new comments checkbox in order to see if there's any new comments or the blog owner replied my question.

So there's one time I went to a blog, well, it's a quite famous blog but i don't want to mention the name here lar. Anyway, I saw something interesting and I left my comment there and of cos, I checked on the check box so that I will be notified if there's any new comments.

A few minutes after I submitted my comment, I got email notification. Wow, so fast got ppl commented on that post? I checked my email and realized that the comment is actually NOT from the post I'm interested. Strange lar, I only checked on that post leh.. I ignored it, and guess what, there's new email notifications every few minutes, all on other posts!! What the hell? I'm only interested in THAT particular post and not OTHER posts, and also I only agreed to be notified for THAT particular post only, how come I kept getting email notifications from other posts???? I don't get such notification from other blogs which have the same feature.. What is wrong with this blog?

Immediately I went back to the post, (actually i don't remember there's an option for me to uncheck or i need to leave another comment to uncheck the notify check box) to uncheck it. Phewwww... I never visit that blog since then...

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