Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a GOOD citizen!!

How come I said I'm a good citizen? Well well, purposely spend RM200 (toll + petrol), travel 4 hours back to hometown and used ONLY 3 minutes to vote.. So you say I'm a good citizen or not? hehe...

I guess a lot of ppl vote this yr. Why? Jam lar.. I went back on Saturday morning and stucked at Seremban there for almost an hour!!

see, aih.. stucked there for almost
one hour!!

I didn't expect will jam cos during CNY also not jam at all, luckily after Seremban no jam. ~sigh, 3 lanes also will jam... I was so afraid that I will missed the voting time!! Luckily I reached at 3pm+, straight away go to the school to vote. Guess how much time I used to vote? Walked in, showed them my IC, took 2 pieces of paper from them, draw 2 X and tah-dah!! I'm done. 3 minutes!!! My brother make fun of me, said I travel 4 hours but only used 3 minutes to vote. Well well, as i said earlier, i'm a GOOD citizen mar.. hehehe...

If balik kampung jam, travel back to KL also jam lar.. ~sigh.. It's even worst when I travel back to KL. Before Seremban already jam, after Seremban still JAM!!!

2 hours jam!!

So what about you? Did you travel back to vote? Ada jam kah? Oh ya, and i'm also very surprised of the result, are you? Well well, the power of all Malaysia citizen, dun play play oh.. Hopefully we did the right thing lar!! Hope for the best!!

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