Thursday, March 6, 2008

My dear alarm clock, don't play play lar....

I've been having problems setting the alarm on my hp. Normally what i do is i will set the alarm to ring on working days, monday to friday, and the first day of the week is Monday. So? Sunday morning the alarm rang and monday there's no alarm???!!! Strange, then I change the working days to tuesday to saturday and guess what? Tuesday and Wednesday the alarm also never ring!!! OMG!! Luckily I got SPARE alarm clock, else ar.. you won't be able to see me in office for monday, tuesday and wednesday already!!

I decided to test the alarm yesterday night. How come it doesn't ring? Then only I found out something, if you off the phone, then there's no alarm, if you don't off it, then got alarm.. APA la.. off phone no alarm? that susah la..

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