Monday, March 24, 2008

How many locks you used to lock your doors/grills?

FL told me his cousin's house ALMOST got broke in this morning at 4am. Har? What happened? His cousin lived in Cheras, a double storey landed house with his mother in law, wife and 2 daughters. This morning he was awake by some noise, he slowly walked down to peep and guess what? He saw SEVEN ppl trying to cut off his locks. Oh my god, SEVEN!!!!!

Immediately he turn on the car alarm to scare them off. He said luckily he had 3 locks on his grill, else by the time he walked down, these ppl probably already broke into the house!!!

I wasn't surprised he had 3 locks on his grill, my neighbor also got 3 locks!!! What i'm shocked is when i heard 7 guys break into the house! WOW, that was so scary!!

How many locks you used to lock your grill? I think I need to have 3 locks as well lar. scary scary!!


keeyit said...

wah scary man.. 7 guys ar !! dangerous le.. aiyo.. indians or bangla or indos??

We have 3 locks too.. main gate, entrance gate, main door. aiyo.. criminals everywhere..

thanks god no one hurts.

Joyce said...

u have 3 locks for 3 doors/grills right? He got 3 locks on ONE grill. hehe, same goes to my neighbors too, 3 locks on one grill. So i also dowan to 'zap shu', must faster go buy another few locks!!