Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Proton? Think twice!!

If you are looking for an affordable car, what's in ur mind? If it's 10++ years ago, I bet your answer will be Proton but if you are talking about now, then your answer will be Perodua. Am I right?

Most of the ppl will go for Perodua if we are talking about 30-40K cars. The outlook is nicer, the price is ok, and the quality of the car is MUCH MUCH more better. You might say, maybe proton now better quality leh? Nobody buy that is why nobody know mar.. Well well, you are wrong then.

A friend of mine bought Satria before cny. One of the reason he chose Satria then other cars was because he doesn't need to wait long. Anyway, he got the car before cny and a week later, he drove back to his hometown for cny. When he reached his hometown and stop when the traffic light turns red, his car 'die fire' (sei for). Immediately he start his car again but whenever he stop his car, the engine will die again. What is wrong?

He brought his car back to Proton service center and the ppl there said oo, something wrong with the engine and need to service for a month. A one week old car need to fix for ONE MONTH!!! OMG!

Few days ago, a friend of mine told me his car, Gen 2 (less than a year), suddenly broke down, cannot start at all. Luckily the engine still under warranty, so he brought the car back to Proton's service center to see what's wrong.

~sigh....wanna buy proton?

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