Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't ever say your wife or husband is not good looking!

I don't remember where did I read about this, the article is about perfect match. According to the article, when we are looking for our partner, we will automatically try look for those that look like us. The more alike, the relationship are better.

When I read about this, I laughed. How come? Well, we always complaint that our husband or wife, or boy friend or girl friend are not good looking or pretty. So in other words, we are saying ourselves not handsome or beautiful as well.

Wuahahahaha, so don't ever say your husband/wife/gf/bf are not good looking/pretty. :p

1 comment:

CS said...

emm... a good point.. sometime we shudn't blame too much.. treasure every second you have with ur love one..

life is short... u won't know will you wake up in other morning after u close ur eye to sleep... :(