Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear ancestors, do you know how to use?

This morning, the radio dj was talking about 'qing ming'. They interviewed the shop owner that sells those things that we burned to our ancestors (纸扎铺). According to the boss, they have everything, yes, everything you can think of. Such as what?

Paper Car is kind of common nowadays, but the petrol price getting higher mar right? So what to do? Burn your ancestors a petrol station lar. wuahahahaha, they can get unlimited petrol and at the same time can get some money from that business. so funny right?

Sometimes I was wondering, let say we burned them a mobile phone, but our ancestors time don't have mobile phone wor, do they know how to use? And also, we burned them a mobile phone but without charger, how ar if no battery? and also, we never burn them sim card also, how to make calls? Maybe we should burn them a building called Maxis, else got sim card also no use lar. right?

Ya ya, i know i think too much...

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