Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A very good impression with Harvey Norman's Delivery and Service!

Harvey Norman is having sales now so last weekend FL and I went there to look see look see. Before heading to Harvey Norman, we went ss2 to check the price at those electrical shop. If paid by cash, eletrical shop will be cheaper, but if you want to pay by credit card or do installment, they will charge you extra. That is why we went to Harvey Norman @ Ikano to have a look.

We did not plan to buy there, but the price was very attractive! Even if you paid by credit card or do installment, it's only a bit expensive (about RM 20-30 more exp only) than those eletrical shop which requires you to pay cash. The sales person that served us is very good, he answered all the questions we asked, and told us a lot of "inside" things that we don't know. Finally we decided to buy and he said will see can the arrangement made to deliver the next day! Cool..

So everything went well, I got the receipt, delivery time stated 3pm - 8pm. The sales person told me, if there's no sight of the delivery man at 6pm, can give him a call. So happily, we went home. So the next day, 3pm sharp sharp, my door bell rang and it's the Harvey Norman's delivery man!!

I was so surprised, I've bought so many things that needs delivery service from so many shops, furnitures lar, eletrical stuff lar, but NONE of them deliver on time. Some even need you to call and call and call and scold and scold and call and call to ask where's your stuff. But this harvey norman, walaoeh, sharp sharp one leh, dun play play.

I am so happy and glad that I've bought with them. It was really a great shopping experience. No no, this is NOT a paid post!

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