Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lelong lelong, vacancies available!!

Any of you are looking for job? or friend's friend's friend looking for job? What kind of job?

1. Programmers - senior junior all want. (got a lot of positions wor..seems like very difficult to get a programmer nowadays)
2. Business Analyst - must be girl!! english MUST be good.
3. Marketing Exec
4, IT Support - salary not bad wor...

Since when I become head hunter? Erm, I also dono.. wuahahahaha, any of you interested, leave me a mesg lar.. will let u guys know in details.

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Anonymous said...

Programmers are dying in Malaysia because of the way they are being treated or rather the way of how most Malaysia companies handles a project. In the US/UK/AUS, there are many methodology to follow that will make a programmer feel comfortable to work in. In Malaysia, there are very few companies that follow those methodologies. I would like to share with you this that if you go for a company that follows either AGILE/EXTREME programming methodology, do consider the offer. This is however, my 2 cents after 8 years working as a programmer before I've made a change in industry.