Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wash two toilets within 5 minutes!!

There's a cleaning lady comes in to my office everyday to do cleaning. Vacumn la, wash cups lar, wipe tables, throw rubbish, wash toilets and etc. Sometimes I found that although she washed the toilet everyday, but the toilet seems like never wash like that. Then one day I saw she went into the toilet to wash it and within 5 minutes, she's done and she went home.

Wahseh... less than 5 minutes can wash 2 toilets? Damn efficient wor.. Then later on I found out that the toilet doens't look like got wash wor. What's the difference between before and after wash? Well, before wash the toilet = dry, after wash it's wet!!

So how to wash 2 toilets within 5 minutes? Easy lar, spray with water lar.. 2 minutes also can gao tim!!

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