Monday, March 24, 2008

When your work place is VERY near to a shopping complex

I missed those days where I worked at the office block beside mid valley city. No no, don't get me wrong, I DO NOT miss my ex componies (my 1st and 3rd comp), I just missed mid valley. hehe... Why? Let me tell you why..

If you worked near a shopping complex, you get to buy good things at cheap price during sales without the need to rebut with other ppl. I used to see ppl queue up in front of MNG during their sales early morning at 9am+. I wonder why these ppl no need to work, as for me, go during lunch time lar. wuahahahahaha..still can get some really good stuff. Not only MNG, body shop lar, zara lar.. you don't need to queue for the fitting room, you get to choose all the nice nice clothes firstm you get to buy those special discounted items first...

Besides this, although u go back at 9pm+, the car park still a lot of ppl. So you don't need to be so afraid if compared to you parked at the parking lot besides your office building. Oh ya, and the food, you want variety? A lot of variety to let you choose lar, although it may be a bit more expensive. hehe.. and the best thing is, you don't need to walk and sweat under the hot sun when you go for lunch. hehe...

I hope I can work beside One Utama for my next job, hehe, where? IBM lor.. not bad hor.. so any of you working there? Got vacancy or not?

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Ciyou said...

HAHA, my 3 jobs are near KLCC, KLCC always have sales and its a good way to go shopping at lunch time.

Plus kinokuniya bookstore is my favorite place to hand out during lunch :)