Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey, which is which?

How many remote controls you have in your house? I guess the least is 2 lar, one is for tv, one is for dvd player, right? If you got astro, then you will have another one. Then maybe your HIFI set, also got one, your fan, air con another 2, so end up you will have lot's of lot's of remote controls..

I only have 3 (that i put together) and i can still get confused. Yesterday for 3 minutes, I keep pressing on the dvd player's remote to try to on astro. #%&#%$#$#&$#.. Ya ya ya i know, the size also different, but ar. sometimes you really don't realize you are holding the wrong one mar.. aiseh..i felt so stupid lar, standing there, holding the dvd player remote, pointing to the astro decoder and keep pressing .. ~sigh..

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