Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you interested in changing car?

Received a call yesterday during work..
P: Hello? Is this Ms. J?
J: Yes, who's on the line please?
P: I'm xx and I'm calling from Perodua.
J: Perodua? (why is perodua calling me?)
P: Yes.
J: What is it regarding?
P: oh, I found that your car loan left RM xxxxx, I was wondering whether you are interested in changing car or not.
J: change car?
P: ya, if you change car, we will deduct RM 1000 from your car loan. Of cos we will also provide some discounts on the car you purchase.
J: oo, ic, but i don't have plans to change car for now. (perodua change to perodua? what for? right? hehe..some more petrol increasing leh..)
P: oh, ok. Just to let you know, if you are interested, give me a call.
J: ok thanks. Bye.
This is the first time i received phone call like this. Hmm, hard to do business ya..

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