Thursday, June 12, 2008

You got a water problem?

I saw this notice about the water disruption yesterday night. Normally water disruption are during the day but this one is at night, from 8pm to 6am the next morning. Oh god, normally 8pm I still not yet reached home, how am I going to take bath without water? I don't have much place to store water, definitely not enough to bathe.

I decided to get home early today, when the clock reached 6pm, I rushed home. I reached home about 7pm, without any delay, I go take a shower. Well, i'm just afraid that they gonna start early. So after I shower, I went out for dinner. Can't cook mar right, wat if half way cook no water? I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink, so better not to cook.

When I was back at home at about 9pm, I tried the tap and guess what, there's still water. Even till now, 10+pm, I still can get water. So wat happened to the water disruption? ya, i know i should be happy that there's still water, but I'm just afraid that out of a sudden, they decided to stop the water. u know lar.. our country, anything can happened mar.. So let's just hope that WILL NOT happen!

So your place there got water problem?

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Dora said...

Exactly, that's how Malaysian carrying out the job. There's never accurate for what they told in the notice in advance whereas it can happen anytime without serving you a message! Sigh...we gotta know the ppl here by now :(