Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever talk to someone that is EXTREMELY forgetful? How forgetful he is? Well, I told him two things yesterday morning, in the afternoon, he acts as if I never say anything to him before. So again, I repeat that two things and he said yes and understand what i'm trying to say. The next day, again, he forgets, then again, i repeat and this time, I asked him to repeat what i said.

Later that afternoon, when he said he's done, I realized that he only managed to do the first thing. What about the second thing? Again, he act like this is the first time I mentioned to him. OK fine, again, I repeat this whole grandmother story again and request him to write down. He said ok ok ok but i didn't see him writing down anything. Whatever, as long as he remember...

and guess what, he forgets again. Argggg.... can you imagine a 22 years old can be that forgetful? If you said he's not listening, it's not true also, cos he can repeat what I told him, it's just that he forgets after we finished our conversation.

I wrote him an email today and will ask him to print out. If he forgets again.. I think i will ask him to burn that piece of paper and drink it!!! Sooooooo pek chek!!!!!!

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boey said...

sign of...lack of sleep or bad blood sugar control (source: http://docgerrytan.com/2006/08/14/being-forgetful-maybe-due-to-your-blood-sugar/)