Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not everyone is unhappy about the increase of petrol price!

My aunt called me the other day, told me that she can get rebate for her car when she renew roadtax. She sound very happy over the phone. i told her, the petrol increase that much, even if they rebate to us, it can't cover the amount that we need to spend on the petrol. We have to pay even more.

She told me she only need to pump twice per month, RM 40 each. So after the petrol price increased, instead of RM80 per month, she may need to pay approx RM 100 or so per month, since she seldom drive that car. Then her road tax per year is RM 390, so after rebate is RM 190. So to her, it's nothing. In fact, she felt quite happy as she can probably earn a few dollars more per month (if 200 divided by 12). wuahahahahahah..

Well, i guess she still haven't realized that with this increase of petrol, a lot of other stuff will increased as well. No, I haven't point this out to her, let her happy a little while lar.. wuahahahahaha..

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