Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pek chek means what?

I was having quite a bad day yesterday so I typed this message, "Super PEK CHEK!!!" at my msn there. Then a friend of mine asked me what is "pek chek". I was quite surprised that he doesn't know what is pek chek. I learn this word from KL ppl and he's a local. Anyway, he asked me what language is that. Seriously, I also dono what language is that, I thought is cantonese?

I asked another local friend about this and he told me pek chek is actually hokkien. I didn't know it's hokkien as my hometown there nobody used pek chek wor... So what does pek chek means? I told my friend it means you are frusfrated + angry + geram. Did I explain correctly ar? hehe..

So, have you heard of "pek chek"? What is your understanding about "pek chek"?

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izchan said...

Means ... geram.

Singaporeans used it a lot.