Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol increase, what's ur plan?

Everybody is talking about the increase petrol price. The one that gonna increase in another 50 minutes time, from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70, and the floating petrol price in August.

A friend of mine said he's gonna sell off his car and get himself a motorcycle. Then another friend said he's gonna car pool with the colleague that he's not really get along with. haha, becos of the petrol price, not ngam also become ngam. hehe.. then another one said she's gonna take public transportation. Well, i belief public transportation will also increase lar, just that we still don't know how much they gonna increase..Then another one said she's gonna skip lunch to save some money..

As for me, i'm going to get myself a BM.........X. Abu-then, you think i'm going to get a BMW? of cos BMX lar, the bicycle!! What about you? What's your plan?


Hester said...

really want to ^&^&&$^#$%$@$! those government

Zooropa said...

This is crazy make everyone difficuly to earn a living! BTW, lets relax and play a tag if you want. This is a very simple one:-