Thursday, June 26, 2008

Said NO to plastic bags?

Recently I saw a lot of articles from newspapers, magazines, the web, forwarded emails, all talking about recycle. How to recycle? No lift (I used the stairs more than the lift nowadays hehe..), no plastic bags, split the glass, cans, papers(yep, i do split), bring your own tupperware (tried this as well) when you go tabao and etc.

Among all the different ways, i found that the said no to plastic bags is a bit difficult to achieve. Well i can bring my own shopping bag, totally said no to plastic bag but if there's no plastic bags, what am i suppose to use for the rubbish? Just throw inside the rubbish bin without plastic bag? then how to throw?

Any idea? Tell me if you have any idea so that I can really said NO to plastic bags!!

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