Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ok, so it's RM 2.70 per litre!!

Finally, the time has come. Our PM had finally made an announcement that starting from tomorrow 12am, our petrol will increased Rm 0.78, from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70!! That means i need to pay more RM 20 for a full tank, from RM 60 to RM 80!!

Most of my colleagues left sharp at 6 today, why? to pump petrol lar. A colleague of mine left at 6 and after 10 minutes, he sms and asked us no need to go pump petrol, why? becos we won't be able to SQUEEZE our car in to the petrol station!!! WOW!!

I don't plan to pump as i just pumped full tank on Monday.. So have you pump your petrol yet? Or you are now stuck in the queue waiting to pump?

For more information, check out the NST.

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