Friday, June 6, 2008

Petrol price RM 2.70 or RM 2.74??

FL came home telling me this, ask me to beware when I go pump petrol. Beware or wat? Well, a friend of him told him that a few of his colleagues went to different petrol stations to pump oil after the petrol increased. They were shocked to find out that the price of petrol, instead of RM 2.70, it's RM 2.74. When they questioned the staff there, the staff said it's that price.

A few of his colleagues had encountered this and they had lodged a complaint at the consumer website. I've not been to the petrol station since the petrol price increased. Any of u encounter this problem?? The petrol price is RM 2.70 or RM 2.74?


Forever28 said...

Huh? RM2.70 already killing me... now you say RM2.74??!!
I haven't go to pump petrol yet. I filled full tank on that day... so I think end of this month will only visit to the petrol station.


Joyce said...

that's y, i also not sure what is going on here. haven't visit the petrol station too..

wow, one full tank can last for a month? mine ar.. every 1 week have to pump once. hehe..

Joyce said...

oo, it's not RM 2.74, it's RM 2.704. Saw it from a forwarded email. Seems like only petronas is setting RM 2.704 as their petrol price per litre.