Monday, June 16, 2008

Saves Fuel Up to 28%? Sure or not??

Well, it's about petrol again. Before the petrol increased from RM 1.92 to RM 2.7, my aunt gave me a few bottles of Fuel Enhancer. She bought it from Cosway and there's a promotion at that time, something like buy one gets one free. You know, woman, when got these kind of things, they will tend to buy more.. so, she gave me a few bottles to try. Free wor, why not? hehe.. some more last time i tried the Nulon - Performance Engine Treatment from Cosway and I felt it's really good. So i guess this will really help in saving petrol!

AutoMax, NanoTech, Fuel Enhancer.
(super duper geng punya name!!)
RM 20++ per bottle, if i'm not mistaken..

Take a look at the picture above and you will see it says that this will help to save 28% of fuel, increase engine power, extends engine life and blah blah blah. well, we can't judge a book by it's cover, so let's try it out!! Alright, so how to use this thing??

Remove the cap from the long neck measuring chamber,
squeeze gently, raising it to the desire dosage
(1ml to 5L of fuel) .

Pour this to the fuel tank
before you go pump petrol.

So does this thing really works? Well, NOPE it doesn't work!! it doesn't help at all!! In fact, I can't believed that this doesn't work (at least should help a little bit mar.., it says there help to save petrol by 28% wor) and i tried twice before i post this post!! I tried it on both auto and manual cars, adding this is like never add anything before. Just like normal!!

Well, i guess, the performance engine treatment work doesn't means the fuel enhancer work as well. Maybe i have too high hopes. So have you tried this before? Does this work for you?


LeONa said...

tested numerous on auto MyVi 1.3 not much effect. Tested with iswara 1.3 manual with 2 seperate cars and 2 different style of driver and conclusion save up to 10 ~15% of petrol!!

Dora said...

Haven't try such thing before but watch out many direct sales are taking the opp to cheat ppl...

Anonymous said...

If that special oil really can save up 20-30% then is good lah..of coz!! Normally it unlikely can do that..