Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You are interested in the Euro Cup or the bet?

I didn't watch Euro Cup but it seems like people around me, family, friends and colleagues are all into it. Because of this euro cup, i have friends start sleeping as soon as they reached home after work and set alarm to wake up at 12am, watched till 5am and sleep again. and i've seen ppl purposely take leave just to watch their favorite match. oh yes, believe me, my house got one, purposely take 2 days off to watch!! Well, this is still acceptable, at least taking leave will not affect his work.

Unlike my colleague, according to him he only get to sleep approx 2 hours each day because he watched the match that started at about 12am till 5am!! You might wonder, 2 hours enough sleep meh? How to work like that? Ya, no problem, cos from day 1 Euro cup started till now, i didn't see him do much work. Morning after breakfast, will surf and research about the next match and plan which to bet on, then after this, he will start sleeping till noon, then after lunch, continue to sleep and went back home when it reached 6pm!!

Do you have ppl like this around you? I'm just wondering, is the Euro Cup that attracts them so much or izzit the bet?


peipei said...

i don't understand what's so nice in watching football especially all the guys so crazy about it, i want to see astro oso my boyfriend always turn to his channel then never let me see. always turn his sports channel only. if talking about playing on the field is different la but this one sit infront of tv only, ask to help wash plates oso dun wan just leave his plate on the table then i have to wash it

Joyce said...

haha, bring the tv beside the sink so that he can wash plates while watching the match?

Dragon said...

it's better for the one who take leaves and watch. i dont like those watch it whole night, then when at work, sleep and cannot do anything. if im the boss, he will kena from me.