Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is this an apartment or condo?

This is not the first time I heard ppl asked me this question. Is this an apartment or condo? I got family, relatives and friends asked me this question when they first came to my place. Seriously, I also think my place here doesn't look like a condo, and yes, it's a condo.

My place here, looks like an apartment to me, no fancy hall, square square simple outlook, no big pool, but yes, it's a condo. So why it is called a condo then? Well, firstly, the price we paid is definitely much more than what an apartment would costs, the water rate is based on the condo rate, the maintenance is also condo rate as well and the word condo is everywhere, the S&P, the water bills and etc.

I believed there are certain rules that said that wat a condo must have, so the CLEVER developer based on these rules, build everything so that they can sell it at a higher price. If you need a pool in a condo, then i give you a pool, a small pool, if you need a gym room in the condo, cool, i give you a small gym room with a few equipments, if you need a badminton court, i give you one, a multi purpose hall, you got it, security and stuff like tat, all you have it!! So with everything there, it's a condo, although it doesn't look like one..

So .. again, ya it's a condo, it's just don't look like one!!

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